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Your life shouldn’t be a struggle

Do you ever feel you’re on a hamster wheel? Never able to get through your to-do list, working hard, feeling tired, often overworked, and isolated – yet getting nowhere?

Doing All The Things Can Feel Impossible

Every ambitious woman struggle with breathlessly long To-Do list


Are you experiencing too much stress and feeling you’re not good enough if you don’t do it all?


Are you rushing from the moment you wake up until your head hit the pillow?

Over it

Are you simply done trying to figure it out all alone?


Ways I can help you …

Romana Life Coaching - Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Blog posts to help you work less and accomplish more

I’ll share tips, ideas and behind the scenes for building a new relationship with productivity so that you never feel exhausted and unproductive again.

Romana Life Coaching - Planner


The ultimate life and business planner

This is the planner I use every day. It’ll help you get laser focused, prioritise tasks with ease, create EPIC quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily plan, stop procrastinating and so much more.

Romana Life Coaching - Productivity Love Story Session

Productivity Love Story Session

Ready to achieve more in less time?

Then it’s time for you to take the Productivity Love Story Session and understand why:

  • you’re always busy but not productive
  • you feel guilty if you’re not doing “enough”

You’ll learn why you can’t seem to get off the “hamster wheel” and why it’s so difficult for you to strike a balance between work time and downtime —all in under an hour.

Romana Life Coaching - Coaching Program

Accelerate Productivity
12-Weeks Coaching Program

Want to change the way you work so that you never feel unproductive again?

In three months, you will:

  • Discover what hijacked your time & peace of mind
  • Know where and when to use the powerful word “NO” without feeling guilty
  • Prioritise your to-do list with ease
  • Plan your day, week and month with laser focus so that you have time for fun & get stuff done
  • Incorporate more fun and creativity into your life so that you skyrocket problem slowing skills and productivity

Productivity Love Story Session

How it works

Complete a brief 5-minute “Busy-ness Busting” Questionnaire and then hop on the Zoom call for a 45-minute call with me.

In the end, you will know:

  • When you are most and least productive during the day
  • How to create a powerful weekly planning ritual for you
  • How to use a female hormonal cycle and moon cycle tracker to skyrocket productivity without exhaustion.
  • Immediate energy boost – no more feeling exhausted and overwhelmed all the time.
  • BONUS: Female hormonal cycle tracker + moon phases tracker + the cheat sheet so that you can plan your weeks with ease + weekly to-do list ritual.

The results – can be priceless.

All for only AU$97!

Accelerate Productivity 12-Weeks Coaching Program

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We start by creating a roadmap outlining how you want to live your life in one to three years. Knowing what you want will help us plan how to get you there.

It’s like embarking on a road trip to California without a plan. You end up driving around vast lands of California, feeling lost, confused, not knowing about picturesque national parks and breath-taking beauty of San Francisco. The same is with your life – there are vast possibilities of how you can live your life – but you need to choose one of them.

We’ll also look at the things you’re doing now – the habits you have – that support your journey.


You now have a Map of your Vision + New habits create your success.


In this step, we roll up our sleeves and begin putting the habits you identified in Step 1 into place. And, as part of this process, we’ll identify what activities have to stop so you have the time and energy you need to accommodate your new habits and complete the things you really care about.

We’ll look at your lifestyle and habits, identify the commitments that are stealing your energy as well as what you’re tolerating. Instead of saying, “I’m sick of feeling exhausted all the time” you’ll decide, “I’m going to stop volunteering at the charity bake sale and buy something instead. The time commitment doesn’t support my vision of where I want to be.”

We’ll reconfirm what’s essential and decide what you can let go. You’ll have fewer commitments, but your performance will be outstanding. You will do less, but better and have more energy.


Fewer commitments & outstanding performance!


To this point, you’ve been adding habits that support your vision and letting go of ones that don’t.

And it can be uncomfortable.

Yet we know, if you don’t prioritise your life, someone else will. Do you know that chatty neighbour who always invites you to the boring Saturday night Bingo game? Well, in this step you’ll discover how to decline unwanted invitations without feeling guilty. Yes, some people might be annoyed – at first. After all, you used to say “yes,” but trust the process, you will gain your time and their respect. Perhaps most importantly you’ll no longer be responsible for meeting other people’s obligations (while quietly exhausting yourself).


More time for self-care and things that matter to you. You will be a “no ninja-master” – smoothly, politely, yet firmly declining what doesn’t support you without guilt leaving you with more time for self-care and things that matter to YOU.


At this point, you’re no longer over-committed every day. You’re even finding space in your days! It’s time to discover how to plan your days, weeks and months efficiently and with ease so things get done without those feelings of overwhelm returning and so you can continue to feel good about yourself and your life.

Imagine… having a cappuccino in one hand, a beautiful planner in the other, and reviewing your daily commitments. You smile because your schedule is not overflowing with obligations, and that gives you peace of mind. You’ve built a new relationship with busyness and productivity. And it feels so good!

Along with longer-term planning skills, we’ll look at how to build play into your life because it not only stops overwhelm it sparks an enormous amount of creative ideas and solutions to problems.


More time, more focus, less overwhelm. A longer-term plan is in place without overwhelm and including opportunities for fun.


In this step, we’ll review your progress and create a checklist that will help you maintain and build on your productivity.

Imagine sitting at the table in a restaurant on a Saturday night with your friends, drinking a glass of sparkling wine. Your friend is talking about how she’s sick of feeling exhausted all the time, and she wants to feel more in control of her life. You give her a compassionate look and feeling gratitude that this is not your ‘normal’ life anymore.

How does that sound? Want that life?


No more over-committing, more time, energy, and peace of mind.

About Me

Hi I’m Romana

I call myself a Joyful Essentialist, and here’s why. Achieving dreams and smashing goals is joyful. Doing it in a sustainable way so that you increase self-satisfaction and eliminate burnout is essential.

Life can get overwhelmingly busy if you are a high achiever and a real go-getter. Here’s a secret, there is a way to do more in less time and live a less stressful life.

As a Certified Productivity & Resilience Coach, I help ambitious moms, corporate and business women like you navigate daily commitments so that you accelerate productivity and still enjoy downtime without feeling guilty. I would love to help you too.

Romana Stokelj - Life Coach

Banish Overwhelm, Exhaustion and Frustration From Your Vocabulary5-Day Free Challenge

Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel? Do you feel like you can’t stop and catch your breath?

Here’s your 5-day transformation:

  • You will know exactly what to do when you get overwhelmed and life feels out of control so that you can relax and have peace of mind.
  • You will create a powerful weekly planning ritual that will help you achieve more in less time with less stress.
  • You’ll massively reduce stress and increase energy.

P.S. I value my subscribers, so I promise not to spam you.


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