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11 Things Productive People Do

Have you ever googled how to be more productive? You’ve tried all tips and tricks out there, yet nothing really worked? 

You’re a very busy woman, ticking off things on your to-do list, yet your to-do list doesn’t get any shorter.

How come? Where did you go wrong?

It’s evident that something is not working. But what? 

What productivity is not?

Productivity is not sucking it up and getting things done, working long hours, and exhausting yourself.

What productivity is?

Productivity is getting things done and still thriving, having enough rest and a work-life balance.

How can we redefine our relationship to productivity?

It’s becoming evident that current systems are designed for burnout. The way we live and work today is not set up for work-life balance, and we don’t thrive.

We accept the ways we work and live as how things have to be. As a result, we often do not question our work systems.  

11 Things Productive People Do

In the video, I share what I’ve learned about productivity in the past 20 years. Old ways of work didn’t work for me, so I changed things. But, more importantly, I’ve changed the definition of productivity. 

So, click here and learn 11 things I do to stay productive and thrive.

Let’s be honest. Your personal internal system is programmed to work hard, take it all on and suck it up. So even if you want to change it, your personal internal system will say, “Wow, stop. This doesn’t feel right.” 

No, it doesn’t because you’ve been working that way for decades, and it has become your strong habit. 




How to break the old habit of overworking and sacrificing your needs?

Whenever we want to change an old habit, we feel resistance. And that’s normal. 

But if you know the steps how to break free from unhealthy habits, you can finally start creating a more balanced life and speak up for yourself. 

Ready to achieve more in less time?

Then it’s time for you to take the Productivity Love Story Session and understand why:

  • you’re always busy but not productive
  • you feel guilty if you’re not doing “enough.”

You’ll learn why you can’t seem to get off the “hamster wheel” and why it’s so difficult for you to strike a balance between work time and downtime —all in under an hour.

Click here (and scroll down to services) so that you finally can say goodbye to exhaustion and overwhelm. 


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