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6 Energy Leaks That Will Drain Your Productivity

You would never expect your iPhone to work on an empty battery, right?

You know no electronic device can perform its best when the battery is empty.

So why on earth do you expect yourself to be productive when your battery is empty?


What do I mean by empty battery?

You are tired and have no energy. All you want and NEED is a nap.


I was obsessed with checking the boxes and focusing on the next achievement.


It made me feel productive and satisfied with my day!


Perfectionists and over-achievers – here is a simple truth.


None of the time-management strategies and tips will work if you are exhausted.

You can’t be productive when you are tired.

You can’t be your best self when you are tired.

You get sloppy, resentful, cranky, irritated when you are sleepy.

When you feel rushed and pressured, you get unfocused.

You have to learn how to manage your energy if you want to do less but better.

So, how to be productive but not busy?


Energy barometer


“What is it?” you ask me.

It is a tool for assessing your daily energy.

It helps you with ENERGY & TIME MANAGEMENT! (energetically manage time)

Your first thought in the morning is probably about what YOU NEED TO DO today. And then you go straight into planning.

Instead …

… ask yourself every morning this:

“How do I feel today?” Tired. Rested. Mentally sharp. Foggy mind. Exited. Motivated. High energy. Low energy. I want to be in bed all day.

“Where my energy level is at?” 20%, 95%, 50%, 86%. Every answer is right. It’s your inner ENERGY BAROMETER, which can change during the day. Trust the first answer that comes.

Now you know how much your cup is filled. 

If your energy barometer is less than 50%, you need to ask for help for what you need and want.


It’s vital that you don’t deplete your energy barometer to the point where it shows red.

Asking for help will help you recharge your battery.

But this is not enough.

In order to keep your energy consistently as high as possible, you need to figure out what’s draining your energy.

It’s like an iPhone battery. The other day, too many apps were running behind my iPhone, and the screen brightness was 100 %. That drained the battery extremely quickly. Until I addressed these little energy drain suckers, I needed to recharge my iPhone twice daily.

The same is with your energy.

It’s crucial that you know what drains your energy.

6 energy leaks that will tank your productivity


What drains your energy?

#1 Energy leak: Relationships. Do you have friends family members who drain your energy, but you are too polite to stop hanging out with them?

#2 Energy leak: Work. Do you do work that sucks all the energy out of you? Do you dread going to work? Do you come home mentally exhausted because you work in a toxic environment?

#3 Energy leak: Home admin. Do you hate cooking? Do you hate cleaning? Are all household chores on you?

#4 Energy leak: Mental. Do you beat yourself up for not being perfect? Do you diminish your achievements? Do you feel that you are not good enough?

#5 Energy leak: Social media. Do you spend hours endlessly browsing on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest? Does it leave you feeling like comparing yourself to others?

If you compare yourself to others and don’t know how to stop it click here NOW!

#6 Energy sucker: Other: Do you do volunteer work that you don’t want to do? Do you do it because you don’t want to let other people down? Do you help family and friends whenever they need you even though you feel exhausted?


Listen, these are all energy leaks that will tank your productivity AND HAPPINESS. 

Deep down, you know what drains your energy. So, listen to your inner wise woman.


When you address energy leaks, your productivity will become remarkable. When you give yourself permission to be your best self, you will power up your life, and that’s when miracles happen.

I hope this blog post inspired you to give yourself permission to act kindly towards yourself.

Want to banish overwhelm and frustration from your vocabulary? Click here and learn how to do it in just 5 days.


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