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How Not to Fail at New Year’s Resolutions

Did you know that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February (according to U.S. News & World Report)?

Studies have shown that many people who commit to New Year’s resolutions and accomplish them are rather grim.

According to Forbesless than 25% of people stay committed to their resolution after 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them.

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Here are the reasons for the majority of failures!




#1 Reason: Are you choosing your yearly goals from the place of fear or love?


What do I mean by choosing goals out of fear or love?

Let’s say your goal for 2020 is losing 9 kg or 20 lbs.

Are you choosing to lose weight because you hate your appearance, fearing that people will not accept you because you are too fat?


Are you choosing to lose weight because you love your body and are grateful for what she does for you?

Be honest with yourself. Which one is it? Fear or love?

Let me tell you a secret!

You have a much higher chance of achieving your goal by approaching it with love and compassion.




#2 Reason: Are you in control of your thoughts & emotions, or your thoughts & feelings are controlling you?


Everything you do in your life is because you want to feel more successful, loved, happy, peaceful, etc.

That’s why you set goals for yourself.

Many people think that their thoughts are not in their control. They don’t know what they are thinking. Therefore, they react to life circumstances, not respond to them!

They are on autopilot!

You must be aware of your thoughts because your thoughts fuel feelings.

Feelings elicit decisions.

Decisions empower actions.

Actions create outcomes.


Read it again! Thoughts  Feelings  Decisions  Actions  Outcomes!


So, if the statement above is true, wouldn’t it be essential to know your thoughts?

Of course, it would! It’s vital for your success and happiness!

Big lesson learned!

The real reason why I failed miserably in 2019 was my unquestioned thoughts which led to feelings of inadequacy, fear, overwhelm, and powerlessness.

My actions were procrastination, sabotage my visibility (my biggest fear is being criticized and judged by others), keeping myself busy but not productive.

The outcome – a big failure.



If you are a perfectionist, like me, you must learn now to focus on progress, not perfection, so that you stop beating yourself up for your inadequacies. Do you want to know how to do it? Read it here.


Why practical tips will never be enough to avoid crashes of new year’s resolutions


What do you think drives your thinking? 

Beliefs, assumptions, interpretations, past hurts, fears, past experiences, other people’s influence, etc.

You are struggling because you try to create new habits and outcomes without changing your thoughts.

When you try to change actions without changing thoughts, you encounter suffering and struggle.


“Life is a matter of choice, and every choice you make makes you.” – Caroline Myss


Now, take your journal out, and for the next 14 days, every two hours, write down what you were thinking your feelings/emotions, and your actions. You’ll discover diamonds about yourself.


Want to get focused without overwhelm so that you can finally achieve your goals? Click here and get your EPIC PLANNER so that you never fail at New Year’s resolutions again!


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Why most people fail at new year

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