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How to Plan a Month to Get Things Done with Ease

What’s the greatest lesson a woman should learn? That since day one. she’s already had everything she needs within herself. It’s the world that convinced her she did not. – RUPI KAUR

From a young age, I felt the pressure to perform, create, achieve and work. Do you feel the same? If yes, read further because I’ll show how you can work less and achieve more.



Our society works on a 24-hour schedule. We, women, have a 24-hour cycle as well as 28 days cycle. We’re not the same every single day, much less every single week.

Yet, we’re expected to show up the same every single day.

We search for productivity tips, tools and hacks to help us overcome our shortcomings. What we’re forgetting here is listening to our bodies.

When you’re going against your body and biology, you betray yourself, and you’re coming from the place I’m not enough, I don’t do enough (here’s the secret to feeling good enough!)  That only creates exhaustion, frustration and overwhelm.

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Instead of feeling at peace with yourself, you beat yourself up for not being productive, procrastinating on things, and not having your life perfectly together.

But those of us who have a period 24-hour cycle doesn’t work for us. Our energy flows on a 24- 31-day cycle instead.

Men are like the sun; they rise in the morning and set in the evening. They have a 24 hours cycle.

Women are like the moon; we travel for 28 days. We have a 28 days cycle.



Here’s the wisdom of the 4 menstrual cycle phases so that you can plan your days in alignment with your feminine energy. 


The follicular phase is the first phase of your cycle. WORK: Focus on brainstorming, planning new projects, trying new things, set intentions and networking. FOOD: Eat sprouted and fermented food. EXERCISE: Cardio, dance.



The ovulation phase is the second phase of your cycle. WORK: Focus on presenting ideas, public speaking, meetings, pitching, selling, negotiation, job interviews, working in teams. FOOD: raw veggies, fruit, lighter grains like quinoa. EXERCISE: High impact workout, fast runs, sprints, Bootcamp, HIIT.



The luteal phase is the third phase of your cycle. WORK: Focus on completing tasks, checking items from your to-do list, cleaning, decluttering, wrapping up loose ends, organising. set large chunks of focused time to get work done. FOOD: Leafy greens, sweet potato, pumpkin, beetroot. EXERCISE: strength training, walking, Pilates, Yoga.



The menstrual phase is the fourth phase of your menstrual cycle. WORK: Focus on evaluating projects, monthly reviews, connecting with yourself and your dreams, reading reports, organising finances, analyzing if you’re getting where you want to go, FOOD: protein, fat, veggies, fruits, soups and stews. EXERCISE: napping, walking, light exercise if you feel exercising.



When I started planning my days according to the menstrual cycle not only that I have more energy, but also I get things done with more ease and less exhaustion.

When you do the right tasks at the right time, you become a productivity ninja. You get things done faster, with higher mental sharpness, and less frustration. If you feel stressed in a day to day life here’s a simple Stress Management Strategy that Works.

I’m inviting you to start planning your days according to your menstrual cycle and see the magic your body and biology can do for you.

Want to banish Exhaustion, Frustration and Overwhelm from Your Vocabulary? Join a 5-Day Free Challenge here.



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