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How to Stop Self-Criticism with Ease

Would you describe yourself as a perfectionist?

What about a people-pleaser?

If yes, then I bet you often deal with overwhelm and feelings of inadequacy.

This is a fabulous opportunity to figure out how to break through overwhelm and negative self-talk into inner peace.

A perfectionist can be easily swayed by fear of making a mistake and believing that we’ve got only one shot and need to make it right. As a result, we often think that we are not good enough.

Not to mention the imposter syndrome and deafening self-criticism.


Where does self-criticism come from?


We are often hard on ourselves when we are not perfect or make a mistake. We don’t even acknowledge our humanness.

Life is messy and imperfect, so do we. That’s okay.

Listen, self-criticism comes from your childhood. If you carefully listen to your critical thoughts, I guarantee you will hear your mother’s or father’s voice.

Our parents used criticism as a motivational tool for improving us. And now we treat ourselves the same way as we were treated as a child.

Now, this is important!

Take this as an opportunity to see that self-criticism is a learned behaviour, and you can unlearn it. So don’t go down the rabbit hole of blaming your parents.


But if you struggle with the blame and anger, I’ve got you covered. Here’s how to deal with anger in a healthy way.

Blaming, resentment and anger are the energy leaks that will suck the life out of you. It will prevent you from focusing on creating a wonderful life. And, of course, it will tank your productivity and happiness.

Plant a seed of kindness so that you feel good about yourself no matter what.

How to let go of self-criticism and perfection?


We use self-criticism as a tool to become perfect.

But was it successful for you so far? 

Probably not.

You might have achieved a lot because you beat yourself up regularly, but did it bring you happiness and joy?

We do all the things because we want to feel a certain way. So we beat ourselves up to achieve extraordinary results. This is because we believe success will bring us happiness.

In other words, we beat ourselves up today to be happy tomorrow!

The first step of letting go of self-criticism and perfection is to notice when you beat yourself up. Then, just notice it without judgement.

Now, if you are honest with yourself, you know that self-criticism makes you miserable, but you probably don’t know how to deal with it.

Here’s how you do it!


Want to banish overwhelm, frustration and exhaustion from your vocabulary? Click here and learn how to do it in just 5 days.


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How to be kind to yourself

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