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The #1 Decision Mistake Perfectionist Make and How You Can Avoid It

Do you often get stuck when it comes to decision making?

Are you sometimes afraid of making the wrong decision?

Gosh! I hear you! Me too!

That’s so overwhelming!

But …

 it’s very likely you have paralysis by analysis.


Paralysis by analysis is a state of mind when an individual over-think the situation/challenge/problem he or she is facing. Very often, over-thinking is the result of being afraid of making the wrong decision. The consequences are feeling stuck and not making any decision at all.

This is very common for perfectionists.


Sounds familiar? Is that you?

It’s very natural to be afraid of making the wrong decision. No one likes to make a mistake.


Doing nothing is the biggest mistake you can make.


The truth is overthinking kills your productivity and makes your life miserable.

Our emotions play a huge role when it comes to decision making. If you haven’t read my blog on how to avoid emotional pitfall when facing challenges, read it immediately – 5 Steps to Feel More Alive When Facing Challenges.


What causes decision paralysis?

Our brain isn’t designed to process the sheer amount of information it is given. That’s it.

We are drowning in information. You can spend days on the internet searching for information, reading blogs, and asking questions in various forums.

However, very often, that leaves you confused.

Instead of being closer to the decision, you are even further from making the decision.


So many different opinions.

So many different solutions.

Who to trust?

What to do?

I get you. I’ve been there a million times.


How do you deal with paralysis by analysis?

To help you avoid pitfalls of analysis paralysis, here are four considerations to keep in mind:

1. Honour the decision-making deadline 

  • A deadline will help you stop spinning the wheels. You will know that you did your best when the due date comes. You made the best decision with the information you had.
  • Remember – progress, not perfection.


2. Set a reasonable amount of time

  • Give yourself a fair amount of time researching, collecting, and processing information.
  • It depends on how urgently you need to decide. It could be a week, a month, or three months.
  • But, please, do not procrastinate!

I love this quote.

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” – Theodore Roosevelt.


 3. Do the pros and cons of every decision.

  • When you put things on paper and go through them a few times, you will see the solution faster.
  • It helps you compare arguments for and against. For example, you can put a weighted score next to each case from 1 (low importance) to 5 (very high importance) so that you can see the importance of each argument.
  • Give yourself a break for a day and two, and then go through it again and sum up the weighted scores for pros and cons. If the higher number of counts is on the pros side, you know this is the way to go. If the higher number of counts on the cons side, you know that maybe this is not the way to go. I promise you; your decision-making process will be much easier and faster.

This was a mental decision-making process. The next step is a Holographic approach.


4. Use Holographic decision making

The holographic approach takes into consideration your mind, body, and intuition. It’s the best way not to get swayed by your ego or fear when making decisions.

Remember – a decision made out of fear is ALWAYS the wrong decision!

5. Decision-making bullet journaling

  • What my rational mind is saying? (Pros and cons approach)
  • What my heart/feelings are saying?
  • What my gut feeling is saying?

If mind, feelings, and gut are aligned, you know you made the best decision for yourself.

If they are not aligned, I usually listen to my feelings and body because they have never led me astray.


6. How to listen to your body?

  • Close your eyes and calm yourself down. Think about the decision and see if a sensation in your body expands or contracts. If it expands, your body is telling you, “Go for it!” If it contracts, your body is telling you. “Run!”
  • I know it’s hard to trust your body if you are not used to it. Give it a go! You will be surprised by how easier it is to make the right decision.


What is the opposite of analysis paralysis?

The opposite is making quick (impulsive) decisions based on feelings, or the individual believes that they know all the answers already. It includes quick fear-based choices.

If you follow the four steps listed above, you will smash paralysis by analysis.

You will make quick and smart decisions that will leave you empowered and successful.

Most importantly, it will bring more joy to your life. I promise you.

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